Could you make profit from gambling?

could you make profit from gambling?

Only if you quit while ahead.

i am up profit all the way

Most people wont…

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ok but i’m not most people!

Ask my brother, he is the expert at gambling,
or so he thinks,
but the reality he fails to see is,
if you’re so good at it that you refuse to stop,
why are you filing for bankruptcy- again?

Unless you’re great at poker, there’s really no way you can make money in gambling long term. A lot, if not most, people who gamble think they’re winning overall in the long run, the brain tends to remember the big scores better than the losses. Also, the losses tend to be smaller or even tiny compared to the big wins, just that the many small losses add up to a way bigger amount than the infrequent big wins. The atmospheres of casinos and the way things work there are carefully crafted, the slot machines, or one armed bandits as they’re also called, have a whole science behind them, the bells and whistles that make you draw in like a moth to a flame. Poker is different, but very few people have the mental fortitude and the desire to actually learn the math and strategy behind the game to be good at it. Most people are better off avoiding gambling for sure.