Could elon musk cure sz?

anyone to writing to them?

lemme try that again holy ■■■■

did anyone try writing to him?

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My sisters boyfriend works for Tesla (he got hired without having a degree!) and hasn’t mentioned anything about Musk’s view on mental illness cures. We’ve talked about Tesla and Musk plenty, by mostly about their cars, SpaceX, etc . He loves Elon.

Did Ben Franklin fly a kite?

He’s invested in this neural lace idea. The neural lace is supposed to (I kid you not) eventually connect the human brain to AI and increase human intelligence. But in the initial stages they intend to prove its utility with neurological disease and injuries. Not specifically mental illness.

Musk is interested in this because he views AI (broad, or general AI) as an existential threat to humanity. I doubt he is concerned that sz could make humans go extinct. So I don’t think they will be curing sz, though I do think they will increase knowledge of the brain and develop new tools neuroscientists will use in the future.