Contagious schizophrenia is it possible?

Hello again my fellow Sz! :slight_smile:

So I have this weird dellusion that my Sz is contagious! That it affects others. Am I losing it?..

Meds maybe! I don’'t use the meds first off because there ineffective! I don’t really talk about it but. I feel that im a psychic and that for some reason my Sz sets off my abilities for some reason and affects others!

How in the world is there contagious schizophrenia??? it blows my mind and I dont’ know if im doing it at times, but its like I see right through people and how there feeling. Those strong feelings of intuition. Like there being attacked for some reason. I would definitely feel bad if that was happening! Talk about Fringe Science.

I think over the past 6yrs of my life. I don’t know what to believe anymore. So much has happend! Especially with my diagnosis and then having visions all the time that are no part of Sz because it actually happens like Deja Vu. Its just weird!

Then on top of that I felt like some of this had to do with what my roommate told me about what his father does for the government! Or some Top Secret Missiles trades deal that happend in the middle east. I didn’t forget what happened in that times frame between college, work and partying. One day he sat down with me and asked if anybody had showed up at our place asking for him and I said no. Then he went into this whole spiel about his Father and his work but he didn’t go into detail he just showed what was on CNN at the time. I was kind of overwhelemd by all of it. I didn’t know what to think. Im just his roommate going to college! Im thinking who cares! right?

Eventually we had to move out of our place and he went into protective custody because we did have people around our place. One was a news reporter he told me about! The other I think was FBI agent outside of our apartment on watch for my roommate but I don’t know I just assumed, because a guy in a suit like that where I was living I highly doubt lived in those buildings!

How I feel Im being targetted because of it, and what has happened over the past 13yrs since that time frame would only make sense. I feel like I’ve been on this never ending joy of hell since then. I feel that Im being tortured and watched heavily because of some of this.

So yeah im losing it! Actually no I go to therapy and talk about it, but I can’t leave some of this crazy stuff out of my mind. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!..

I still have a strong faith in my religion and do what is right? I feel I have nothing to lose.
I work on my forgiveness and motivational stuff to get my through the day. I have a lot going for me! I don’t know about the rest of it and its frustrating because of the conspiracy behind it and I don’t know what to believe somedays! I I just feel like bauling sometimes.

I feel nobody believes me about whats really going on that what I told my therapist is a mental health problem. What if I say the wrong thing to someone or said who my roommates father was or something. Thats a road I don’t want to go down! Probably for my own safety. I’ve already been running for my life pretty much moved 6 times in 2yrs. Now where im at I feel safe comfortable and im thriving but this stuff never leaves my mind! Hands down I would take a polygraph about it, but to be able to bring it to law enforcement they would think im losing it, because of how protected some this stuff is or even deny it.

Have a good one!

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It can be genetically passed on. With our current understanding of medical technology it’s impossible. There’s far more evidence that it’s genetically passed on and environmentally could be a early introduction.

You may be thinking of what they call folie a deux? Which is when people share a psychosis, one person’s irrational beliefs pass onto somebody else. It’s definitely a real thing, have experienced it in previous relationships where we spent an unhealthy amount of time with each other and were both mentally ill to some degree, and our delusions would sort of feed each other.


Schizophrenia is not contagious, it’s not like if you get near a person with schizophrenia you are at risk of
contracting it.
That said, it’s possible that for example if you have delusions and you persuade other people that these delusions are true, they might become delusional as well.