Considering changing meds

I’m currently on 400mg abilify injection monthly and 75 mg fluvoxamine tablet daily. Is it possible I might need a med change or adjustment? I’m trying so hard to do everything right you know? Like eating healthy, exercising, socialising, studying a course, not drinking alcohol and generally making the right choices. But despite all this I feel like absolute crap daily. And I feel as though there’s at least one occasion every day where I’m close to slipping into madness once again. I just want to feel at ease and good…

Abilify is best you can get unless you want to buy caplyta

@swordiebrom is caplyta a similar med to abilify in terms of not being too sedating and such?

It’s sedative but don’t have any restlessness according to clinical trials and such

I swear by Amisulpride

Have raised prolactin, but it works so well.

Pretty much alert enough on it, but can still sleep well.

It has been the best med for me.

I have been on 6 different AP’s.

Switch until you find what works well for you - it’s worth the hassle!

Every med affects every person differently. If you feel awful every day, it might be worth looking into a med change. Changes always come with risks, but as long as you do it under close supervision you should be fine.


talk to your pdoc, tell him/her that you feel like this and maybe they can try another med then…