Consciously training our sense of gratitude is good for mental health

# Consciously training our sense of gratitude is good for mental health

Research shows that people who live their lives with a sense of gratitude are happier and less likely to suffer from psychological issues. A study by the University of Twente shows that training yourself to be more thankful can help people to feel better and increase mental resilience. This is the first time that this has been demonstrated convincingly. Professor of Positive Mental Health Ernst Bohlmeijer explains: “Previously, research into exercises to train people’s sense of gratitude had not been able to discern much effect. So we decided to study the effect of a six-week training. The results of the study were published today in the Journal of Happiness Studies .”


What does having a sense of gratitude and being thankful even mean…? Lol what kind of research is this?

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Absolutely it’s good for our mental health. An attitude of gratitude never fails.

I totally believe this. Gratitude is part of my daily meditation.

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Being happy is a state of mind… thanking people won’t change that, what a ■■■■ research… “Journal of happiness studies” what a joke

It’s just an interesting piece of research I wanted to share. It has no relation to schizophrenia but I considered it interesting.

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In secondary school a fellow pupil of mine was caught smiling to himself by the teacher.

Teacher says - ‘Do you know what type of person goes around smiling to himself all day?’
Pupil says - ‘No.’
Teacher replies - ‘A simpleton.’

No shame in being a simpleton.
Besides many genius people were caught smiling to themselves. Being able to keep oneself entertained is a great skill to have.


It just makes sense that when I’m focused on what is wrong or what I don’t have, I feel down and frustrated. When I focus on what I do have and what good there is and am thankful, I feel more uplifted and positive.

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That’s ridiculous. What a horrible person to be in a position of power, as a teacher, and use it to try to belittle someone, with false information no less. That teacher should be ashamed.

That’s the Irish for you, a rough, tough, sceptical bunch of people. The fighting Irish pull no punches.