Conditioned Nightmare

Today woke up thankful that I didn’t die last night. Smiled that I had a nice time downtown. Put on my gym clothes and went to work. But didn’t expect to be hazed today by the people who thought I was sick and psychotic and trying to hurt other people especially children in my mind. I was with my sister at the store and trying to control my thoughts then an image of an intrusive thought appeared and people started bashing me. Felt my mind going under and flood of ridiculous sick thoughts started flooding through and people were shocked and upset felt sick like I was under some sad spell. Don’t know what to do I keep seeing these images in my mind. Keep thinking some person thought I hurt their child and want to murder me for that. I know that’s understandable. Wish I didn’t see these pictures and thoughts. Could you please break the cycle and the spell? When I’m like this I’m hopeless.

I started Abilify and it broke the cycle quickly for me, because a lot of my delusions were feeding off of OCD. It sounds similar to you. You should try Abilify, 2.5 mg, maybe it’ll help you like it’s helping me. Because you’re one of the few posters whose experiences I can always relate to.

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Hi @Lexicon, know what your going through with the OCD I’m glad the abilify is working for you. I suffer from OCD too think the sad thoughts over and over again. Thanks for saying you can relate with me. I feel so alone sometimes.