Concerned About Coming Winter Storm

The storm is one and a half days out and it brings up many fears because ice is expected to be involved followed by near subfreezing temps for several days. I worry about freezing to death if the power goes out that long, and the backup power to the apartment fail. I also worry about what if nobody comes to help us if it lasts several days. I also worry about the elderly here and the possibility of looting. I have checked my flashlight, I have some perishable food out and cooked some meat that will last for a number of days and i have water in a thermos bottle and a metal pot. I am prepared to drip-drop the faucets, and dress warmly. Some of the residents are preparing for criminal activity. I will have my phone charged although it will die quickly. I hope the most optimistic forecasts hold true but know they may not and someday an ice storm will hit here. I pray for the best, love my family, but know that things don’t always work out in life. This is a really stressful time of the year.

The winter storm concerns me too, I’m afraid for the same reason as of losing power and not having enough warmth.
IT’s supposed to hit here tomorrow night.

Where is the winter storm? It’s supposed to be unseasonably warm here (PNW).

It’s supposed to happen in parts of the eastern US from New England to Northern Mississippi. If you live there don’t let the warmth fool you.

I live in the Northeast- what storm?

The main part of the northeast that will be most affected will be east of the Great Lakes. I just saw the Weather Channel mention New England this morning but when I checked just now I must admit it didn’t look like that big of a deal for the rest of that area for now. It’s a bigger deal southwest of there. Sorry for being too general.

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