Compliance doesnt matter

My mom is getting monthly injections and is increasingly worse in her mental health. She rants all night and often when no one’s in the room. She yells sometimes loudly, IDK if her injections are helping just mildly or just not enough. She was better on haldol but for some reason convinced her doctor to switch it to abilify and now she is the opposite of how she was before.

i dont know why they wont just switch the medication back to haldol or add something or why more isnt being done to help her with her mental health.

Meanwhile im on a cocktail of meds from my recent hospitalization. Im so overwhelmed, have no psychiatrist and am trying to find a place to live. I feel like I got worse in the hospital not better, if I had been just on abilify I would have been just the same but they added depakote. So now Im going to be on the abilify injection plus 750mgs of depakote and thats not going to help me…

it just makes me feel depressed. I relapsed as soon as I was let out of the hospital so clearly the combination of pills made things worse…

mentally Im the same as ever. But Im getting migraines and my oxygen goes from 85 and was really low when I was first out of the hospital. Right now my oxygen is 91 and i used my bipap last night.

My point is my mental health is EXTREMELY different compared to my mom. My mom is completely out of touch. Im completely aware and focused and I feel like the label is bs.

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Every day was the same in the hospital. I had no reason to be there other than detox. I dont know why wanting to leave counts as a manic episode.