Complete this statement - "I wanted to....."

I wanted to live in a place of my own and not work. I got what I wanted now.

…take a shower at 4am and get a haircut at 9am. But the bed was too comfy.

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I wanted change

I want something, anything. But the world won’t let me have it.

I wanted to be a wife but my husband beat me.
I wanted to be a hairdresser but I was too slow.
I wanted to be a mother but my only child died.
I wanted to be a nurse but I lost my license.
I wanted to be a famous composer but my music wasn’t well received by the public.
I wanted to be a piano performer but performance anxiety got the better of me.

I wanted to be a dr.
I am wanted to give birth to my son.
I wanted to marry and still do.
I wanted to be vegan and now I am.

I wanted to be King of England but unfortunately was born to peasant stock. I would have liked to be a rock star but music escapes me.

I did become a schizophrenic however. I do that particularly well now the meds seem to work.

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i wanted to help my friend with mental illness. i messaged her, i thought about her, and I prayed.

I wanted to have a child with the brunette ex-girlfriend, she left me because i’m weird. Luckily i got a lot of nieces and nephews.

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