Complete this statement - "I wanted to....."

I wanted to sleep in this morning but woke up way too early.

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I wanted to understand this thread

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I wanted to be the worlds top top top giggagata Giggata GANGSTERS. The tata TOP :sunglasses:

I wanted to become a lawyer

A defense attorney, maybe public defender. I was told I needed a Bachelor’s in order to get into law school, went for a Bachelor’s in English, didn’t finish my fourth year because of mental illness :frowning: Worked lots of grunt jobs and then eventually went on disability when things got bad for me.

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I wanted to argue :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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I wanted to be normal and accomplished.


Very much. I’ll fill in the rest later.

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Well it’s actually extremely common (more common than people will see and admit to) and highly damaging and takes serious self reflection to realize the solution and deprogram from destructive tendencies.

It’s unfortunate because it isn’t something many people will acknowledge in society at large. It sounds like something ‘bad’ to suggest our parents didn’t really love us and most will defend dysfunction without a second thought.

I know because I have a tendency to want to do that too and have.

Edit: this is one of those things that makes me think: oh boy, I better be careful about setting off some fires.

I wanted to become a doctor

I wanted to be an astronaut

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I wanted to live…

I got what I wanted


I wanted to go to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.

-partial quote from the guy with a funny neck beard.


Abraham Lincoln did NOT say that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wanted to get better

I wanted to be a journalist

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I wanted to puke.

I wanted to not blackout last night :unamused:

I wanted to be a career US Air Force nurse. But I was just too much of a rebel.

I wanted to not want anything

I wanted be positive all the time :ok_hand: