Competitive napping

How did you spend your time in the hospital? I spent most of my free time for 8 months sleeping. Or walking around the perimeter.

I played about 3 million games of Spades. Lost count after 2,565,481 games. :stuck_out_tongue:


I read and made side notes on the book that make absolutly no sense now, and counted the tiles on the floor of the main corridor in the ward. Fun!

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I used to spend quite a lot of time in the patient’s canteen .

The 11 days I’ve been in the hospital were spent sleeping and eating, and if i wasnt doing that i was trying to talk to a book (?)

Dieting, resting, and occasional walks. The facility here is too depressing to be in for me, though. There were times when I felt nostalgic & happy as an SZ and it was terrible returning to a facility and not feeling those same feels.

I’ve spent 3 days in the hospital emergency. I slept, ate and wondered about the people around me.

Hah. The hospitals. Haldol must work because that first stay was pretty normal. I read, talked to my roomate, did sudoku, had some weird telepathic experiences. Ehhhhhhh. Some girl told me the most sensible approach to enlightenment…

The second hospital stay… I was ■■■■■■■ lost… totally lost. I was jesus the antichrist. People were refined in the fires of hell and were glad for there chance to not be in hell, so they’d just play and “be stupid”

Yeah I was psychotic as ■■■■. Sleeping wasn’t something that happened very easily.

Apparently world war 3 was breaking out. and all of my relatives were killing themselves. Aside from one uncle who was going to come have me released so he could kill me for… driving his wife to suicide.

Was a ■■■■ show. The most annoying part is when I’m awake until 5 am hearing this ■■■■ in my head and the nurses just tell me “Get some sleep” when they check in. It’s like wtf you think I wouldn’t like that? Give me another nightmare shot or whatever you shot me up with.(They never would)

I spend most it in the smoking sections as is where all the action is. Plus I smoke.

I spent my time in my room, I was very noncompliant

I drank coffee and exercised and walked. I was also on zyprexa so I don’t know how I was doing it. Now if I took zyprexa I would just sleep and eat the whole time.

I remember walking around a lot… I was also smoking… sulking… being snarky… reading a lot… I also did a lot of journaling… (of the babble in my head)

I do remember walking around the halls a lot.