Competition doesn't feed the soul

I’ve come to hate competition. The activity has to have it’s own value first. If it doesn’t, competition will kill your spirit.


to me, it really depends on the way competition impacts you. if it gives one purpose and resolve, or otherwise stabilizes them or makes their life better, it cant be all bad.

If you can brace yourself for the chance of losing.

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i think “losing” should be making mistakes which hurt others, not not ending up on the top of the heap. but i guess we live in a world with all types of personalities and situations, with some being more likely to lean in a certain direction when it comes to factors such as whether or not we are willing to step on or use others, versus playing fairly.

A better term for it than losing would be “being bettered”. Then, if there’s no money involved, like school sports, it’s just a matter of not letting pride get the better of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i think…everytime someone wins, someone else has to lose.

losing can hurt.

even if people accept defeat, they may still hurt.

even then, the game may not end…

That’s why I said competition doesn’t feed the soul.

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i think it drives alot of what sentient, self aware, intelligent beings do. i think thats what youre talking about when you say “the soul”.

i think competition provides structure, fuels/drives big efforts which may lead to the either growth or injury for all those involved, both sides of the competition as well as spectators.

school sports actually have very high stakes, it all depends on who youre asking. many people (coaches, players, gambling) build their lives on these activities

perhaps more relevant to those of us with severe diseases, competition between scientists, for example, can either lead to innovation in a field like medicine. conversely, it might suppress it.

ran out of essay fuel

deleted half of my thing because it just sounded dumb and clunky and i was embarrassed

Take your time to sort out what you’re trying to say. You do have time, now.

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ive already stepped out too far

nothing i do is good

i need to get some sleep

ok good night sleep well.

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