Competition isn't where it's at

if one is distracted by a need to win, it detracts from the value of the activity.


thats true to me but I’ve never been a competitive person.

I think some people try to find self worth in winning.

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Yeah I agree. But those people can be broken down easily

That’s why I dropped out of the race.

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I never had a competitive bone in my body…and hence have always felt very lost in this world…it seems as though everything is based on a competitive spirit…as if all of us are this way.

Competition is what makes the world go around.

Not if it’s done simply to win. To be the best.

very competitive people just want validation

I just played in a drumsett competition and had a blast. It was very motivating.

Just like everything… competition works best in moderation. To win at all cost where the ends justify all means… that’s when it’s no longer healthy.

to sacrifice all other aspects of life for one skill to compete in… again… no balance in life and leaves a person shallow… they can only been happy with external validation and no internal contentment.

I have never been a competitive person. I’ve tried to enjoy the process, not worry about the outcome.