Coming back

Does anyone ever feel like your so close to setting or sinking back in to reality. That its only a threshold away. And you could just have a moment where you come to or snap out of it. And those, all those symptoms just go away and you just know your your old true self. And you just suddenly know that your back. Maybe even have a dream that helps you understand what happened to you. Like some distant memory was hashed out.

I want back so bad, i can taste it. I know its there. I shouldnt have to live like this.

I really feel like theres a solution. Its just out there somewhere. Stranger things have happened.

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Wow very powerful. Thank you for sharing

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I felt like that. I read that some people spontaneously snap out of their schizophrenia and for awhile I thought it was possible for me. I was wrong. The disease does not magically disappear and we do not magically snap out of it.

I must be facing reality at least a little already, anyways, I drive through traffic three days a week and work 6 hours and drive back and do my shopping and everything else it takes to live independently. No one seems to freak out over anything Iā€™m doing so I either face reality well, or fake it very well.

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