Come wrap the presents. $20 bucks

I hate wrapping presents, maybe I can pay dad to do it for me?


I don’t mind it so much. But then, i never have that many to wrap. I’m not the best at it but i do a good enough job i guess.

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You should do it yourself and built up the courage to take a job with small things

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I love wrapping presents! I’d do it for free! :smiley:


Go to the local dollar store:


Gift bags and tissue paper, dirt cheap and dead easy!

(Yes, I’m that lazy.)



That’s why I give out cash.
It’s a lot easier.

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i just decided to put them in Christmas bags unwrapped. i don’t care, it’s not important to me to wrap them. i couldn’t pay anybody to do it for me so this is what happens.

mom says she wants hers wrapped. tough not gonna happen.

I’m the world’s worst at wrapping presents.

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That is what I do too. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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same here, I tried to get my dad to do it, he’s pretty good at it. I helped him unload some materials for his deck today and then asked him to wrap them for me but he wouldn’t. im not going to wrap them, I just put them in bags. it’s weird certain things I cannot bring myself to do and will always seem like a chore. wrapping presents is one of them.

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Plus they’re reusable. Better for the environment.

I hate wrapping presents too.

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