Colour therapy

do colours sooth your moods,or is this part of my ocd !
i find when i am feeling odd ! that colours of the rainbow calm me down, i have been doing this for a long while so i am interested if this helps others !
take care

Blue… I love vibrant blues. Cobalt and that blue of a lovely shallow ocean. Vibrant blues seem very hopeful for me. It’s a good color for me to calm down and feel better. I have some cobalt tile in my bathroom.

I feel so much better with blue. I also go for grays and softer hughes.

Reds and Yellows are not my first choice. I like the orange of sunset. That is also a soothing color for me. The day is done and that color signifies that it’s time for a moment of reflection.

Yes, color is important to me.

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The colors of sunrise and sunset are soothing to me, i go out a bit to watch them.

“Double rainbow! What does it mean?!”

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I took a color therapy course in college. It was extremely fun and interesting!

One of our projects was to design a hospital room to maximize healing through color therapy.

And I’m a firm believer in the power of color and aromatherapy. I find the color green to be peaceful and protective, like you’re deep in a forest. And some scents, like lavender or peach, calm me down.




From the Urban Dictionary: Double Rainbow
intense joy, coupled with extreme emotional shifts; an experience equal to an orgasm

Scientifically: Double Rainbow
Sometimes, not all of the light wave’s energy is reflected. When this happens, the remaining light can reflect a second time, exiting the droplet at a slightly different angle. Now we see the bright primary rainbow and above it a fainter secondary rainbow whose colors are reversed. (My mom is a science/math teacher… sorry… habit)

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Colours are very useful in helping me remember things. I think in color sometimes. For instance, all my books are arranged in color order, that is, in the shades and order of the rainbow because I can’t remember the authors name, or the title, but I can remember the color the book was when I held it in my hands. I find the whole act of arranging and rearranging them like this very calming and soothing.

i do the same thing , all the books are colour coded as i too remember colour not the author, interesting !
take care

The sun was almost set the other day and Venus was up in the sky, accompanied with a light blue and black color was serene. The sky with fluffy white clouds. Or looking at a tree losing its leaves in the afternoon an orange-reddish spectrum, almost put me in another dimension.

that sounded beautiful. i was at this lake in western australia and the sky went pink and the clouds were a pearl colour. the beauty above reflected onto the lake below, and as i was watching three white ibis flew across this mirage and turned pink them selves, it was one of the most amazing things i have ever seen !
take care.

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Blue sky, or just the sky even when it’s dark…

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I am an artist so am very aware of color;
My favorite thing though is to look at color and see how it is affected by light.
LIght fascinates me. Early dawn and late evening: when the sun is at a low angle–turns everything dramatic and sharply vivid. I have several paintings that make use of that low angle light…

at sunset where i live the steep hills that are all around us, we are in a steep sided valley, the hills just suddenly light up and turn from a yellow to a pink to a vibrant red it is quite beautiful.
take care