Cold, rainy weather. Brrr!

It’s cold and it rains and there’s wind. :cold_sweat:
I so do not want to go outside today, but I have to, I have errands to run and group therapy to attend, as well as dinner with a friend.

What I REALLY want is to bury myself in blankets and play pokemon all day.
Oh well. You can’t always get what you want.

How is the weather, everyone?


Cold weather here in kirtipur kathmandu…i am wearing thick clothes… u can drink a hot chocolate now berru…

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Yes, I suppose I could :slight_smile:

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Were above average for this time of year, but its still cold. I have the clothes for winter weather though, cause I work outside

Hope you have a nice day


Prepare 2 glass of hot chocolate …one for me too…

Thanks, you too! :slight_smile:

@far_cry0 sure will :smiley:


Same here!

Cold and rainy,

Which is strange because I live in California,

Where its always 70s and sunny.


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