Coca-Cola: It's the drink of the Gods

And the saddest thing about it is when my can is almost empty.

That’s Montezuma’s public message of the day. Please carry on.



God I miss sodas!

I gave them up when I was pregnant and on this health binge,

But I miss them every day.

Water is gross…

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Haha I don’t drink sodas too often.

But once in a while I treat myself :blush:.

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oh god I want a soda soooooo much

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I started drinking these aquafina flavored sparkling water things when I crave soda. Just carbonated water and natural flavor. I like them.


I love this stuff,

Is it what you’re talking about?

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Same sort of thing, but Aquafina is cheaper.

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And not as bitter tasting.

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It does have a kinda bitter after taste.

I’ll check out the Aquafina!

The lemon lime ones taste very similar to Sprite. I like the pineapple mango the best.

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Great information.

I use the little MIOs and I like them.

It sucks being an adult person that has to squeeze little favor juice in their water,

But I just don’t like it, plus California has bad tasting water.

Even through all the filters, it has a weird flavor.

Lol I feel like I should fix myself a Turpentine on the rocks spritz of cyanide as added pep, lol if only _______ could have their way though.

Pepsi Max Vanilla is now available in Australia which diet coke vanilla is hard to find so gone Pepsi and sugar free. Do miss bondi junction cola which you could only get in Australia so sad you will never know how good that was as went out of business. Mostly only available in health shops. Tasted good but! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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I always drink diet but I am trying to cut down. But the grocery store down the street sells carbonated different fruit-flavored water. It is usually 89 cents for one liter but tonight it was on sale for 69 cents. I bought like six bottles. It’s not like that weak bottled spring water like Calistoga or anything. It has more texure and flavor to it.


I used to drink ginger beer and fermented tea and coconut water but that is too expensive now so I buy these:

They are great.
Sugarfree too.

Heard you can marinate meat in coke.

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Haha. I’ve heard of the rust thing, but I never knew you could use Coke for cleaning or a lot of the other uses.

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I wish they could spell

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Yeah, the gods of obesity and rotten teeth.

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@Rhubot would destroy you with Pepsi Facts