Co-occurance of anxiety disorders in patients with schizophrenia


Anxiety disorders are common in schizophrenia and they are associated with increased disability and psychopathology. The results emphasize the need to screen for anxiety disorders in patients with schizophrenia.



Interesting, although not diagnosed with schizophrenia but a schizophrenia spectrum disorder my own experience is that anxiety is very disabling .
For me,maybe not for others, the anxiety and the paranoia feed off each other. Ironically I was less anxious and indeed less paranoid when I was less aware of people’s possible reactions to me, and lacked more insight as to how my behaviour might impact on others.

My anxiety symptoms are crippling - they are a big issue for me lately.

I am diagnosed with bipolar but may have some SZ symptoms

I have been experiencing anxiety symptoms for as long as I can remember. It is very debilitating and I don’t believe that there is really a safe medication for it; yet. When I lie down, my heart beats fast and I hear it. I have trouble relaxing. I used to have this awful feeling of dread when I awoke; even on holidays and weekends. It never goes away and I don’t think the medical industry really cares. They probably don’t see any money in it; I guess.

There are lots of good medications - and safe ones. Some are definitely less safe (like Xanax) that are addictive - but many others. Here is a list:

Thank you for the article and information on medications. I think I was on Xanax for about two months; but couldn’t take it while I was taking Seroquel. Seroquel made me a zombie and together with the, I think, Xanax made me a super unbelievable zombie. I threw the medicine away and forgot. Now, I am only on Invega and Lithium.

The thing is there might be medications out there specifically for anxiety but are people given them. The last time I mentioned anxiety in the hope of something specific for it I was told in so many words that it was to be expected with my paranoia. The trouble is the antipsychotic I am on either does nothing or worsens an already present anxiety.
The previous time something was offered over a decade ago it was mellaril as an add on to the mood stabiliser and antipsychotic I was already taking. I refused . I have never been offered anything like Xanax or an alternative.
I do think especially for the 30 years I was diagnosed with schizophrenia then schizoaffective anxiety was seen as very low on the list of symptoms to be treated, although to my mind anxiety can have a significant, negative impact on functioning.

Now I consider myself to have primary anxiety with secondary mood and thought symptoms in that the anxiety is moderate to severe whereas the mood/thought symptoms are, I feel, mild to moderate.
A proper anxiety med might well have helped.

Don’t give up. Keep trying. Perhaps see another doctor?

Easier said than done when it comes to psychiatric treatment in the UK. I think in the US you are better able to shop around for a pdoc that fits your needs. There is the GP but mine have always tended to pass the buck when it comes to psychiatric matters, and changing GP would be difficult for me.

I have been taking Ativan (Lorazepam) for anxiety (w my sza) for over 15 yrs. My dose has stayed the same despite the years and so-called “addiction”. I take it prn (as needed) 2mg up to 3 times a day. AND I discovered long ago that anti-anxiety meds helped quiet or stop voice attacks and similar positive symptoms of the sz whereas the anti-p med and taking extra during a storm did not help me. My biochemistry is odd compared to most they told me.
I first discovered anti-anxiety meds as this kind of help quite by accident. I was at my mom’s when I started having more voices and paranoia, My mom suggested I take one of her 5mg Valiums which I did. Amazingly, an hr later my voices were gone and my paranoia, At work, a day and a half later, I felt a depressive drop in my mood. about 10 months later, while at my mom’s again my pos symptoms acted up and again I took a valium (none in the months in between). Again I got relief and again, 1 1/2 days later I had a drop in mood that felt biochemically induced. SOO, bc of mood, valium was not an answer for me but some years later my pdoc ordered Ativan which helps me in similar ways w pos sz symptoms.
The pdoc said: “that’s not supposed to happen; but I believe in what works”.

for years now, on a good day I might take only 1, or maybe 2 a day. On a very bad day, I might take it on 4 occasions in a day, Mostly, I take it 3 times a day when I have a sense I need it or will need it very soon.

Great to hear. Thanks for sharing.

Ya Know, I want to add, my med and dosage is NOT at all “by the book” and my pdoc told me 'do not go into the psych hospital unless you really need a “safe place” bc all they will do is “take away your ativan and your cigarettes”.
Believing in what works and finding what works is indeed, for many, not “by the book” as they say.
Heck, when Risperdal first came out, I was inpatient and given 6mg dose rt away - horrible experience. BUT they did not believe me. When a young teen woman had a similar experience they researched and found that, unlike the initial info from the company, one had to titrate the dose - for everyone and anyone.