Close again but no cigar?

So long day at the cricket as usual. Had a good game. We ended up scoring 280 which is pretty bloody good and I got 48 of them. 50 is a good score and a milestone and for the second time this year I fell just a couple of runs short. Oh well. My sacrifices with diet and regular exercise is paying off in spades.

Still. I’m pretty chuffed with 48! I’ve 119 runs from five innings with a top of 48 and average of 23.8. Not too bad for an old fellow!

For those 3 people who understand cricket! :joy:


Don’t understand cricket but it sounds like a congrats are in order. So…congrats :smiley:

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I used to own a Mick Jagger documentary that he shot himself with a hand held portable camera…he and his brother went to a cricket game and I was intrigued that it is so popular…I bet you are impressive to watch play…wish I was there drinking a beer and cheering you on !!

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