Climate change in your area

In the winter I’m my town the wind is strong. It didn’t do this in years past. It’s crazy, howling out my window, the wind hits my home with a loud smack.


Spring used to be nice in Oklahoma, but now all Spring means to me is severe tornadoes. a lot of them…we’ve already had two tornadoes land in Oklahoma this season.


The weather is changing. Not dramaticly with tornadoes and the like. But we used to have snow and ice in winter. Now rarely. They did very long tours to ice skate through different villages in the past…now they can never be held…it is never freezing enough.

Sometimes it is hotter, in spring or summer. Or there are weird warm days in autumn or winter. Animals and plants seem to be confused.

We have a lot of water all around and all through the country. And we are below sea level. The whole country is only safe because of extensive waterwork systems. I do not think they will suffice, for the predicted changes. I fear the sea level will rise, and politics won’t do enough to make the country safe. Sea levels rising a bit, can put literally half my country under water, if nobody does anything. And we are still lucky: we are in a rich country…where there is money and expertise to build technically advanced waterworks and the like. My heart aches for the poorer countries, that suffer the most and the first…of our stupid Western habits.

It concerns me, and I think we should all do a lot more.


We are seeing weather more in line with what it was 20 years ago when I first moved here.

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It’s supposed to freeze tonight. That’s very rare in South Louisiana this late in March. We have been in the 80s. Today the 50s.

Hurricane season will be here soon. We didn’t get one last year so this year will probably be bad news.

California drought.

They used to have dog sled races on the frozen rivers here in the winter, but now the ice doesn’t become thick enough for it to be safe. Also, a lot of roads and buildings sink down into the ground as the permafrost melts. We have more wildfires in the summer because there’s less summer rain. Thirty years ago it would get down to -45 F in the winter but now it usually doesn’t ever get colder than -30 F or so. Big changes in the Arctic…

Not really noticeable where I live. I would enjoy some warming TBH.

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Me too. I hate the cold.

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This winter was mostly mild. We had a couple of bad snaps, including one that killed quite a few people around Christmas. That was highly unusual.

But it’s been so mild tgat everyone is commenting on it. I’ve been in NY for 22 years and haven’t ever seen a winter this mild

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