Amazing winter here, climate change

I came back a little earlier. It is an amazing winter here, hardly any snow and the bicycle paths are not frozen. It will be above zero C for the whole week. I can ride my bicycle. I have not needed to wear my winter clothing. How is your climate change doing ? :slight_smile:


We’d love to have some. A longer growing season and a milder winter sound good to me. Need to idle my car more.

My country is on fire, however it has been cloudy windy and rainy for the past week where I live and should stay that way for at least a month.

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we have our typical california drought and about normal temperatures. sorry @anon60523054 our state has it too in summer. have you had a long dry spell and arsonists? i hope they are not close by and your are ready if they do.

Yes it has been very dry and hot, unusually so. It is almost as if the climate is changing. Some arsonists too.

Snow and cold till March

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The sun’s magnetic poles are out of sync, and will be for another 20 years, by the looks of it. That means temperatures will get significantly colder than now. 2030-2040 is not looking like a walk in the park.

This temperature reduction will be called the “Modern minimum.”

Last time it got this bad was in the 1700s, the little ice age, when only two of the sun’s magnetic poles were out of sync, during the Maunder minimum. Now all the poles are out of sync.

We’re burning up over here. Texas has snow! The Midwest is flooded, so many tornadoes. What is going on?

@Cici2 I suppose it is the climate change ….


I’m scared. I saw some YouTubers helped by planting trees. I did too, and shred any plastic we have. Maybe I should start a movement in my town? :thinking::deciduous_tree:

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