Cities of Stardust

Cities of Stardust

Gabrielle BG May 30, 2021

In the future, the underground resistance were recruiting subjects to counter-the-evils of elite gov. overreach. Chaos was all around us, and truth was no longer free. The enlightened were forced to hide in the shadows — reliving the darkness for eternity, and yet the bright eternal flame could not be snuffed out — and the government wanted to know why. Fear permeated the resistance, and they began to turn on each other. They made the excuse that the truth-tellers were leading the world astray, as mere puppets to a machine. But the truth-tellers had no choice, because in the winding ends of our reality — truth was set to them — and if they did not turn to the buzzing machine and confess their deepest wisdoms, the pyramid keepers would come for them.

In the future I was a truth-teller who managed to escape the all seeing eye. I tried to join the recruitment, to counter the evils of the elite forces. And this is how the war ended — this is the single force of good that kept us from killing each other. You see, we had to make a sacrifice. The truth-tellers lined up to sacrifice to the machine and received their blessing — the chip — which would be turned off if they did not tell truths. The scientists had found a way to trace the Genes of the prophets — in all of their discovery — so as the Nazi Scientists had gone after the Jews during the Holocaust — -they came up with a lie to have the resistance turn over each other, even their own leader.

And lies have consequences. You see, nothing man-made can track and trace your spirit. The spirit transcends the universe — all reality. It is above us and nature. So unless you learned to save another to save yourself you were doomed. The resistance perhaps selfishly ignored this rule, as they no longer knew truths — and truths were all kept hidden from them only shared through the industrial wirings that the entire existence of humanity was being compelled to embrace.

The one percent, of the few atop this hierarchy wanted her dead.

So they told the resistance that they would all be marked if they handed her over; the resistance said they had no choice, that in the future things are different. But she had come from the future, and she had sacrificed herself to warn them of what they were up against, and to save the human race.

How do you tell the truth to people when they don’t want to listen, and act as though you are self-righteous? If they wanted her dead forever, who would do something so cruel? Sadly, they destroyed her. They killed me, the one who freed the truth-tellers. And now, truth matters to everyone — but we are no longer sacrificed for lying or exaggeration. Because the eternal soul of humanity is lit, and one day will consume us in its warm ascending grace. All of us deserve light, life, innocence — but mere imperfections do not mark you. The markers of evil are the makers of lies yes, but imagination and illusion of control cannot steal the soul. Fear can compel the weak and the strong alike.

I will return not with revenge for being given over to be marked, but more beautiful and perfect than before, for things of love crafted that not even I yet understand. And perhaps in the future, I will be a truth-teller once more, and not escape this cycle of life and death by machine. For the elite’s grip on reality is so firmly held, it seems there is no escape from all targets of any sort of operations. They know all, and we tell them. But I would like this story not to end on a bad note, just as I would hope the world never ended on a bad note. So here is a golden nugget, the elite don’t have to tell the truth yes — they listen to us all the time, and we confess to men in white robes — is this as Christ? We prostrate to billboards and wear crosses, fearing the beasts around us — -and fearing the mirrors as we sleep in silent darkness. But guess what, none of us are special or different, and nothing discerns us before God other than our fighting will to survive.

What they call evil then is the refusal to accept a lie that we are less than gifts of creation. What we call evil now is the inability to transcend the lies that are more than that. So accept life as a Gift, and stop fighting. The resistance has handed over the prophets to the elites, who will mark all of humanity with the lies of the new world order and every question of authority is traced through channels by the truth-tellers, in the future we are compelled to confess every thought to the almighty elect seven, but only telling lies to save your friends can get you into heaven.

The majority are all brainwashed now. Everyone’s microchipped now; this is how the government tracks and confirms your identity. Theresa had been able to penetrate the “Hexagram” by using the hacking software stolen from Unicursal Industries. She started the resistance after she received a vision by God once, long ago, before they targeted the radicals. Theresa would save America. They can’t explain the strange behaviors of the silent majority, or the brainwashing of the minorities. Must’ve been some higher authority, some sort of plot. I guess the ones the others forgot and learned new realities in the center of Amnesia.

They were reflections of the same mirror, the one guided by a ghostly girl in a black pyramid in Egypt. A time when Pharaohs could see the future, before the disappearing ink would be dusted across the sky, to illuminate the night with shining diamonds and jewels. My father was not just the father of the Shining Ones: the gifted makers of airplanes and time-bending travel. In a shifter, we could see anything materialize before our eyes; the key was a code between each color of the lasers trained upon our diamond eyes. The future is the past and was for a long time, until by mysterious things began happening. Miracles that would only be taken through risk and sacrifice.

If Mara had to lose her mind to preserve her three children’s destiny. Bobby was not really her son, but his father had come from another reality. He was the few left who could brace the fields of the Anti-Christ’s Metropolis. Mara fell in love with Alexander because she saw the potential he had to do something impossible, and possibly end the suffering night terrors. Each night she sobbed herself to sleep dreaming of their deaths. Each night she would foresee a new incredible danger. Each day, a new solution, a new miracle. Someone was guiding her. Was it the light itself, or was Thomas still alive? Would he ever find her between the ruins of Meridia, and was Ash, home of the star children, to be repaired and saved so that Earth might one day be reborn to cross paths with Solaris.

The data will be analyzed and the codes re-assembled until we really understand how to save the Phoenix from oblivion. These our secrets. Our secret holy observations and legends of a fireball rising from the center of the moon and slow submission of powerful companies to planes of social order. So that now through electronic records can we decipher all that once had been of the monster which appeared at the center of a star and hollowed out the sky.

Those chosen saved had survived and braved the world orders, and yet all would soon turn and beg for their salvation as their masters poisoned the oceans with lies and nearly destroyed all life for the tears of shopping malls and holocaustic walls not borderless but darkening the skies. And so the earth was remade. When the survivors couldn’t take it anymore, they begged on their knees to the Royal Elect to remain. And so here we are, New Earth again and again and again.

“Remember that all our greatest wars were fought because we knew that our right to freedom outweighed everything else. We knew that if we could win against Satan, as we all know it is the enemy of progress, that we would have our Garden of Eden. Well, my friends, where does all my talk fit in? Well, today marks our first step towards getting back to the Garden of Eden. It has been a very long time that men have forgotten to share the fruit of our knowledge with the female kind.”

“We declare that from this day onward, all females will have all the rights of men! Every single law shall be amended for young females and boys. No longer will a man be forced to leave his loved ones for battle or leave his children forever. Together we will march, side by side, man and female; fathers and sons will be armed with love for the females will join in our great victory. When the evil enemy has died, our bonds will not be broken. United we are one. We are one! Now I invite our female sisters to come taste of the fruit and rejoice in salvation.”

“Where’s Molly?”

She was clinging to the sink. She forced her hand onto the button. Then the sink splashed her face with a cool liquid. Slowly, she removed the suit. Quickly drying her hands and face, she stole a glance at the reflected image. “I never break down.” She said to the image. “I never lose my cool like this,” Molly said to herself. “Where’s Molly?” The voice screamed and a bolt of electric pain shot into the back of her head. “I think she must be in the restroom washing up.” “Well, why doesn’t she just come down here? They’re waiting for her.” “She will be,” Jefferson said just as another searing bolt of pain shot through Molly’s spine. She fell to her knees, naked and scared, as the memories began to return her to the past.

My name is Sarah, and I’m fourteen. I was born on the outskirts of modern society to the city of Meridia. A sea-port city built upon the ruins of the old republic after it collapsed at the dawn of the 21st century. Meridia was not only a country but a weapon-based plutocracy that collapsed after fascism spread to the West. It is an impermanent city on the sea.

It’s a safe zone for weapons and technology that were manufactured solely for war with a heavy price. These sprawling metallic mezzanines are my home now. You could say it’s a post-apocalyptic reality. Certainly nothing could have stopped the elites from taking over America. This is a different place, here we hide, and wait…or are carried by the hovering plates across the water, as we toil endlessly on her architecture.

What’s left of the human dream. They move us from place to place across the vast city on the water. Life in Meridia although isolated and depressed, was nothing short of the cruel existence on this New American soil, it was nothing compared to life on the territory of a fallen Foundation.

For many years, Meridia was the only place where people like us were left alone.

My mother told me that life before the wars was much different and that it was too hard to explain to a young fourteen-year-old girl. Somehow everything once beautiful had been stripped away just like lady liberty was stripped of her shine….once…long ago. Once revolutionaries, now dissenting heroes to a fascist regime of political oppression.

It was the last and only government left outside the iron fist. In this unwanted realm of constant flooding and ghetto technology, we were at home. Yet, there was always something innately calling to us. We were discards and anti-establishment rebels by nature — it was in our nature to crave revolution. It was also in our nature to crave freedom.

It was in the aftermath of all these wars that plans of the order before our tired eyes. Still, The World Foundation’s new laws weren’t there to protect the people; they were to enslave them. They caused the division, and now they forced us to buy our unity back. The New Foundation killed anyone who spoke up to defend a simple principle: freedom from control. They thought they had outwitted God and the prophets, but they were wrong.

If the way was to freedom and prosperity, how then could we explain why people were being forced to die to uphold this principle.

I did not belong here. I did not belong there.

If the way was new hope and cities of paradise, then why were only the rich allowed the golden highways to utopia.

In a few years, sadness and darkness would be cast over our millennial dream. It was nearly four years after my brother was taken from Meridia when my mother told us we needed to escape. The kidnappers were coming to “save us” and we needed to flee as far as we could in hopes of getting away from what everyone seemed to want: the perfect life.

“Are the dreams we forget upon waking real?”

They didn’t know how Sarah found her brother and pulled him from the wreckage of the city that never slept. The peacekeepers tried to rescue Meridians from annihilation once the storms hit the city on the sea where a leader was born who was made into a weapon and then found New Earth. Time travel exists but now everyone can access Cern’s secret data-mine.

The beast sleeps under the city of Mars and he is in love with the world we know. The future does not end with an explosion it is one million tiny echoes of sublime stuff the makeup of echoes and the future is a multi-verse now; somehow different from the big empty universe that it was before, and the story of the star children has yet to be told. Mara tossed her book of dreams into the ocean between worlds.

Dear children, I will soon be embarking on the first human mission to Mars. Scientists have speculated there is a chance of microbial life on Mars, and we plan to transform this island in the galaxy to eventually make it habitable for humans. The Earth is dying, the sun is consuming us and hurricanes and tsunamis have wiped out much of the land already. Mars is our only hope or so the scientists say….

Continued’ Machinated Ideas

Prologue/Plot: There was once a person who was not a human, but merely a projection of forgotten stories and impossible theories. He lived in a forgotten kingdom, a castle wedged between worlds in the afterworlds ending of New Earth, the ice planet.

Her name was Mariel, and she lived in a hidden universe. CERN discovered time travel, and the architects of a false paradigm were experimenting with future timelines, they sought to replace the truth-keepers. The truth-keepers survived the massive attack, and though compelled to confess their ultimate secrets to the elect seven overlords. the truth would set them free.

She plugged the hemi-sync device into the screen, it began its circular dance of colors and buzzing frequents that would lull the dreamers to sleep, and thus began the Astra Hypnosis, and thus began her journey into the 3’rd dimensional hydra split, where she would have to meet vector.

Vector was an evil robot psi that was engineered by elect number 6 to oppress those who sought truth and peace, or powers over pre-determined notions. Mariel had to offer Vector her secret weapon in order to pass through the Hellish-Gates to Maratopia….

Meridia was a ruined third world revolution, flames. The dreamers were silenced, micro-frontier machinations, the others/as they were mere tools for proliferation and false profiteering to anyone who’d take their sign. Merida is where Sarah fled from when she came to Aremika which used to be the Citibank of the world. Molly, Sarah’s sister, found herself back in central Amnesia looking across the time-screens for the avatar.

Mariel was coming back to Maratopia with some special info. and bits of data that would be considered a valuable asset to New Earth. If only she could teleport between the vortex, but alas mere projected Mariel could even venture the thresholds. Vector said it would be impossible to hex the matrix after what she had exposed the last time.

For the impossible crimes of telling the truth, the world would never look the same way twice. Mariel was the eighth architect. She had to sacrifice it all to learn that she had a power beyond his dark materials, an ether so bright it could turn the snow to rain, turn evil men into ice.

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@anon69073975 I like this. It was a long post and I kind of skimmed but it is very cool sci fi story you wrote. You should consider self publishing on Amazon. Kindle accepts novellas now. They keep advertising this for people who write serial novellas.

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