Cilia Defects Linked to Schizophrenia

Cilia are small hair-like structures found on the surface of many cells. They are critical for embryonic development, and many genetic defects in cilia simply halt development altogether.

Cilia are present throughout the brain on the surface of neurons, and several genetic studies have hinted at links between cilia mutations and psychiatric illness. But, according to Katsanis, the precise role of cilia in the brain is unclear, especially after development.


So what they’re trying to say is the hair on my brain was buzzed too short. :grin: clean cut, hi fade.

Oh oh! A cilia Mohawk! Dyed purple!

That’s probably not the best for the thinking.

In all seriousness, good article EH.


Wow schizophrenia is too complicated.

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I think that there are too many faults in the Sz brain to have any chance at a chemical cure. I think the solution is to stabilise the brain with the current meds and then brain train intensively in the direction of normality.

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