Christmas songs on the radio already

Seems a bit much to me.


I’ve got all my Christmas present shopping done already ! :christmas_tree:


Yes it seems to start earlier and earlier every year.

Actually, the songs are really cheerful. Not the usual mix of pop love gone wrong or love gone right. I didn’t want to admit I liked it.

I have an annoying habit of starting to whistle Christmas tunes all year round. I find myself doing it and then changing the tune :smiley: I can’t help it.

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Noooo I can’t stand the sound of sleigh/jingle bells.

Thank goodness I don’t work retail anymore or I’d be hearing it on a loop for two months.

Some moron had their avatar changed to Santa Clause even before Halloween.


yep they were taking down the scarecrows and putting up Christmas decorations yesterday in town.

Christmasing of any kind before december should be punished with a public flogging! :angry:


Not on my station.


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The second the radio stations play Christmas music I just hook up my phone and listen to my music. I already pretty much hate Christmas.

I need Christmas early this year.

It was the time of year where – as a kid – I got reminded hard of how poor my mother and I were. Oooh, a free turkey from the food bank and a dusty can of escargot that no one else wanted and fobbed off. Oh, and hand-me-down clothes you got for free as gifts as presents. Thanks, mom.

I notice she always had booze and cigs, however.


Taught it up…

Yep, the shops here are already stocking up on Christmas decorations, meal ideas, etc. Last time i went into the supermarket (which wasn’t that long ago), there weren’t any Christmas carols being played…yet. I loath this time of year. Don’t get me wrong - the getting together of families during Christmas is good. But Christmas has become very commercial, and people start becoming ruder (cutting you off in the car parks, steal the car park you were going to take, etc.). Christmas definitely bring out the worst in human nature.

My problem is the opposite. We were.a wealthy family. Most still are. So i feel pressured to spend more than i can afford. I guess it’s my own fault. But it’s hard not to live up to the rest of my family.

My family was kind of poor when I grew up, but now they’re kind of wealthy while I’m still struggling despite them giving me financial aid.
So I feel like my gifts just aren’t good enough even though they say they like them.

My sister told me a few days ago that if I’m broke I don’t need to worry about getting her something. “I have everything I need anyways” she said. I guess that’s a relief.

My Dad was from a wealthy family. It always bothered him so I can understand your frustration. However, there is no shame in living frugally.

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