Christmas movies

Any recommendations for Christmas movies? Netflix, hbo max or prime


Scrooged with Bill Murray is supposed to be really good.

Then you have Die Hard and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. :smiley:


Die Hard is not a Christmas movie! I didn’t see one Christmas tree.:rofl:

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Haha! Buuuut, it takes place during Christmas. :wink:

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Gremlins - brilliant Christmas movie


James Bond is a Christmas movie!

Those aren’t on any of my platforms. $3 on Amazon. You must think I’m rich!

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Sorry bud! Groundhog Day? Is that set in Xmas?

That’s a good movie. It’s how I felt prior to SZ.

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Silent Night Deadly Night.


(Only kidding)

Love Actually is a great one


The family man :blush:

I watched how the grinch stole christmas its a classic theres also jack and jill.

Is that the one with Jack Black?

Its with Adam Sandler he plays both twins in the movie.

Die Hard and Die Hard 2.

Only movies I consider to be legit Christmas movies.

I don’t bother with anything else.


I watched Christmas Chronicles 1&2 on Netflix but they’re for kids lol I saw that they were #1 in Canada on Netflix when they came out so watched them. I found them fun.

I watch A Christmas Carol

Is it a Christmas movie? What platform - Netflix etc.?

Is it as good as Longest Yard?

It is set on christmas its on netflix and amazon prime i havent seen the longest yard though i liked the movie click its as good as that one.