Christmas is so close

I’m really excited for it this year, it’s just something to look forward to after an all round failure of a year.

I’ve just got to shop for my son and then a few finishing presents like chocolates and toiletries for family members.

Im gonna cook the biggest turkey I can get my hands on, very excited for the food. I’m gonna do my online food shop in a few days to be delivered closer to Christmas.

Ooooo and the music can’t wait


Totally amped for Christmas as well!

Took out some decorations yesterday and my mom was like, “don’t you think it’s a little early still?” :sweat_smile:

…I also leave a tree up year-round, so there’s that :laughing:


This is my fave X-Mas song…


Hahaha I wish my partner would let me leave a tree up all year that sounds an absolute dream :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Absolute classic!! 15151

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Christmas brings out the best in almost everyone. For most, it’s a happy time of year. I think for some people it is tough, though. All the happiness underscores their unhappiness.


As long as i have parents with me, Christmas is a great time. But it’s difficult if you’re alone i think.


all ready…have the tree up all year round too…but now it matters…excited !!


Our small table top Christmas tree arrived!
Can’t wait to put it up.

It’s just going to be my father and I this year but we’re going to make the best out of it!


Looking forward to Christmas gonna see my grandchildren and my daughter. I also will celebrate my birthday. Started listening to Christmas music already, I’m excited.

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Perhaps we can do the Santa Hats for our Avatars again this year starting December 1st? That was fun!

Here’s one from me from a few Christmases ago…


(I’m actually 38 years old in this picture)


I’ve already wrapped a ton of presents so far, can’t wait to wrap more. We usually put up decorations the week of Thanksgiving, so still a few weeks yet. But I’m already listening to Christmas music, and kinda watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. I’m excited for it.


Haha I did that too this year! Left up my tree all year round.

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I’m loving it too.:slightly_smiling_face:

I bought all my Christmas presents except for one.

Last year I left in the middle of family dinner.(lunch)
Was too many people for me and I felt uncomfortable and unwelcome.

Hopefully I can stay for lunch this year and not feel bad.

I have sent all Christmas cards but two.
Will send them soon.

I have destinies child’s Christmas CD and it’s really good but I haven’t got a CD player so I can’t listen to it.
Love that(my) CD though.

Last year I had to bring a fruit salad.
Expensive to buy that much fruit and work chopping but worth it.

I’m on a vegan diet so I might have to bring my own meal or just eat potatoes or something.

Miss listening to my CD .

Hope to watch Christmas movies on Netflix too.



A PC or laptop can play CDs.

Not my gaming laptop

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I love Christmas relatives celebrate and Christmas TV and Food
Gonna buy presents from the bookstore i think they have fun stuff


I got my mom a sound bar on sale, I hope I can wait til Xmas lol she’s never had any kind of sound system with a tv before.


My laptop can’t.

It’s not working properly.

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I say Bah Humbug!!!