Christmas gifts I got frequently when I was in grade school

Bubbles. Pick-up sticks. Comic books. A little plastic toy man with a parachute on his back that you shot into the sky with a slingshot and watch his parachute open and watch him float down. I could spend hours playing with these.I don’t know how they could be so fun while being so simple. A cap gun with a box of caps. We would always end up taking a hammer and unroll the caps and lay them on the sidewalk and explode them with the hammer, usually one at a time. But once I took a whole box and put them on the sidewalk and hit them as hard as I could with a hammer. I never did that again. It blew up in my face and was so loud that it made my ears ring for an hour!
Model balsa wood airplane kits. Wooden paddle boards with a rubber band with a little red ball on it. I’m sure everybody’s sent these. I got these every year and I couldn’t keep that ball going for more than two times.I grew up with those and I could never do it. Superballs.

All that you got plus those dolls witth the stick on dresses and a hula hoop and jump rope and jacks :smile:

No, just reminiscing, I’m a guy. My sisters got those though. I don’t know about your school or your friends, but at my schools EVERYBODY jump roped, occasionally used a hula hoop, and played jacks.

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A book of lifesavers or a box of Chocolate covered cherries.


Wow, that was deja vu. I got that as well. I got a lot of books and art supplies too.

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I always wanted the book of lifesavers but I never got them. But I got the box of chocolate covered cherries at least once.