Chinese cartoons (Theme: Mental health) [5 pics]

Below are the cartoons which I ordered from a handicapped person in Malaysia. I gave him the theme and he would tailored made the cartoons for me. These are part of my effort in mental health public awareness campaign in Malaysia and China (especially on the Web).

Schizophrenia. I don’t want the label. Do I?

Sir, let’s consult a psychiatrist, okay?


I Love them. Good work.

Thank you. I hope next time I can do some in English.

I especially like the first one - very characteristic.

Glad to hear that you love it. The second one has cultural background, in lunar calendar there is a festival in remembrance of him every year, but translation is too difficult for me.

Is he like the old year going out?

Sorry, but I don’t understand what is ‘old year going out’?

It is a thing in the West at New Year where the old year is represented as an old man and the new year is represented by a baby.

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those are amazing and i think the first one could have other meanings as well, second one is awesome and really well animated.


well done

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Thank you for going the extra miles. I learnt something new from you.

No, he is not.
A quick lookup for the festival, especially the history:

The painter of the cartoon just took Qu Yuan as an example against suicide.

Very interesting! Thanks for posting this information!

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Wow - what a great effort and great cartoons. Thanks for sharing. Are you letting mental health groups know that they are available for use?

What exactly is your plan on how to use them?


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I am glad to know that you love them! So far I have been posted online on a Chinese Schizophrenia web forum ( and on mental health section of a Malaysian web forum ( No plans for exhibition. The painter of the cartoon has done similar artwork for local newspaper and I have collected several others mental health cartoons from web site of the newspaper. Altogether I have 5 of them (inclusive of these 2 pics). Do you have any suggestion? Maybe we can do it also in English?

These were taken from web site of local newspaper.

(Right) Job Application of the mentally ill who has recovered.
(Left) My doctor has proved that I have recovered, so I hope that you can accept my…[job application]

We need to show patience and love when communicating with the mentally ill…

Father: Does he suffer from mental disorder as he keeps talking to himself?!
Mother: Don’t worry, I will bring him to consult ‘psychic medium’ few days later.

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