Check out this comic


Hey how come it didn’t work

I like this reminds me of new York and hot nurses. Lol

Sorry. I’m in a weird mood

It’s quiet this time of night. You have a number of posts open and it may take a while to get replies so please keep this in mind. Don’t spam the forum.

Okay. No problem. It’s only 10:00 pm here

Where is everybody? Sleeping? I’m trying to process here. Lol

I’m night crew as I’m in Australia - the euros will be on in another couple of hours - well at least the early ones. It’s only just past 3 pm here.

Usually the night owl Americans will check in on the say anything thread- it’s often a way to talk to others as you can leave a note and they’ll catch up when on-

Otherwise it can be very quiet this time US.

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Well. I used to be a comic collector. That was my previous life. Now I just have a mountain of comic books to sell

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I bet that comic book is worth a lot of money!

Not really. I don’t think so. It says 26 bucks on it. That’s probably close

Is not in the best of shape. This guy Richard who lives in the same apartment building is a comic fanatic. Hopefully he buys alot off me.

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