Chafed penis - big problem?

Hi in asking from your experience or knowledge if it’s a big deal. Long story short I stroked too hard in a shower, it’s barely red and visible but still, it ain’t aching. What do you recommend to heal it?

As someone wothout a penis, most chafing can be helped by Vaseline.

Thanks, I found some petroleum jelly in my drawer that I used for lips. How long should I avoid, you know? And ofc I use some lube next time.

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Just leave it a couple of days man - basically till there is no pain. You will be fine I reckon. Just keep an eye out for infection (pain, spreading redness, swollen).

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Oh my :flushed:


Don’t do it in the shower next time, this happens because the soap and shampoo are irritating for the sensitive skin. Friction makes it worse.

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