Certified Peer Counselor

I’ve been approved to take the training program to the CPC certification exam!!

On Abilify, sometimes I feel extremely happy, even though I get mild akathisia from it.

Recovery is possible for EVERYONE.

My sweet colleague asked me if we are allowed to have mental illness… mental illness is NOT A CRIME she has a job a family and has hope to work in the kitchen someday. She does some advocacy work for the disabled.

We can do it, I can do it you can do it.

I love love you :metal: :heart:


Well done. Great news and may things continue to go well for you.


Thank you it is really fun!

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Well done I love you too!

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I hope you enjoy the training. Good luck on the CPC test. You’ve got this.


Thanks guys!! I still need to take the class. The orientation the lady said could maybe be around February.

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