Center Parcs bans transgender guests from using single-sex changing rooms unless they’ve fully transitioned

Just warning you all now. Any transphobia on this thread or any other will result in suspension.


I know I feel fretful whenever it’s time to use the bathroom in public. I mostly get read as male now, which means if I use the women’s bathroom, I just make a whole bunch of girls scared and worried about why there is a man in their bathroom. But if I use the men’s room, and I don’t pass as well as I think I do, I could be at risk of being assaulted.


Also, I will again bring up unintended consequences of these policies. I used to work with teenage boys with disabilities. Many of them needed help in the bathroom. So I could either go into the men’s room with them or just let them suffer. Bathrooms shouldn’t be gender segregated.


I’m sorry you have to go through bullcrap every time you want to do something as fundamental as going to the bathroom. It shouldn’t have to still be this way.


There’s actually an app for trans people that tells you what public bathrooms are single-stall or unisex. It is a literal lifesaver. And more and more new places are now adopting unisex toilets for this very reason. They want to be featured on the app so they get more business.


That sucks @ninjastar.

My line of reasoning is that public restrooms and changing rooms are iffy enough as it is; there shouldn’t be that additional concern of whether they’re safe to use or not simply because of your gender identity.

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