Cbt versus antipsychotics


Antipsychotics win ofc

Well, i didnt really understand. It says such a comparison is feasible and acceptable i think. And it says combined group wins from cbt group in panss scores, but there is no significant difference between cbt and ap group in total panss score and between combined and ap group. I think?

Help with interpretation?

Im going to get cbt and want to know what it does.

Psychotherapy is more for ppl with trauma and PTSD, not SZ. Psychiatrists are qualified to treat SZ not psychologists. CBT might help but its nowhere as helpful as meds.


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I still kind of hope it helps…since trauma was kind of what started psychosis.

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Thanks for all the info! That is great (getting so much info). The results are less great… :confused:

I then still kind of hope it helps with the other (trauma, depression) symptoms i still have though, which are more on the forefront 95% of the time.

Cbt is alll about changing your thinking patterns so that you’re less stressed. Stress is a trigger for psychosis. So it is very useful if you are open and comfortable with the therapist. :footprints:

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I think it has to be a combo …

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