CBC Radio - Glenn Close on mental health and fighting stigma

Glenn Close – the Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony award-winning actress and six-time Oscar nominee – opens up about an issue close to her her heart.

The artist joins Jian to reflect on the mental health struggles in her family and how they have affected her decisions about the roles she takes on. She also shares what she’s doing to confront the stigma associated with mental illness.

“Because everybody has been so reluctant, ashamed, fearful about talking about it openly, there has been no conversation. So the ways to portray it, people don’t want to hear about it, they don’t want it explained; it’s uncomfortable.” Close explains. "If we talk about it enough, it will be become natural.

“I thought as a public figure I can help focus on the issue and that’s where Bring Change 2 Mind was born,” she says of her national anti-stigma campaign.


Love her and love what she’s doing for the community.

Thanks for sharing!



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I have known about her cause for a long time now. Her sister has bipolar and her nephew has schizoaffective disorder.
She is doing fabulous things with educating the public on mental illness. Thank you for posting Barbie

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