Check This Video Out


wow, i thought that was like some horrible horror movie they were bringing out :frowning:

thank God it wasn’t lol



The actress - Glen Close has a sister with bipolar disorder, and a nephew with schizophrenia/SZA
This PSA was made to fight the stigma that exists. Many people think of schizophrenics as “violent” or look at us as being “monsters” the commercial tries to educate the masses - letting them know that we are just as human as they are

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Cool…and how they start it off is a cool attention catcher too, because it does look like it’s a trailer for a movie…

Goes right along with what I just posted moments ago about stigma…Synch!


I LOVE this one. It’s one of my favorites. Thank you for posting it.

I’ve really changed how I refer to myself through this site.

I used to say… Hi, I’m a schizophrenic.

Now I say… Hi, I’m a man who is living with schizophrenia.

People don’t seem to flinch as much when I say it the new way.


I will try to say that “I am living with schizophrenia/sza” instead of “I am schizophrenic” In peoples minds, I think that it does make a difference


At first, I was like “Whoa, this is triggering as ■■■■.” But then I saw Glenn Close who I love as a person, and felt relaxed. Thanks for sharing @Wave!


Hey @alien99 , When I first saw this, I felt the same way you did - triggering a bit at first then I felt reassured when I recognized Glen Close - Her nephew, the guy in the clip, Calen Pick is a well established artist as well - Hes been through a lot and pulled through, yeah I like Glen Close for her work, fighting off MI stigma

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oh great, i thought i would have to change my title to my video game im creating or breaking ground on. My only regret is the title but want to use such a thing to lure. definitely wont be violence on the players part outta respect of negative stereotypes and stigma.

Good video. Thanks for sharing.

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