Cause for concern?

Last night the voices were worse than during the day and I could understand them a little and they were telling me they were real and I felt high for no reason and when I was on the verge of falling asleep I was having nonsense thoughts that didn’t follow any logical pattern and when I realized it I was just confused and I don’t know what’s happening if it’s just stress or the illness is getting worse.

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That’s normal though, isn’t it ?


@everhopeful I’m not sure. It probably is normal but I’ve never noticed doing it before.

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Yours do this as well? Do they give you any reasons they say they are real?

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They don’t give reasons but they say “Ask us a question you don’t know the answer to.” So I asked them what the capital of Canada is. The first city that popped into my head was Ontario so they started saying Ontario. They could have been saying it’s not Ontario, I couldn’t hear them well enough to hear everything they were saying. Anyways, it’s Ottawa so if they were saying Ontario they were wrong and doesn’t help prove they’re real.

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@Amisz have you ever asked the voices a question you didn’t know the answer to? If so what did they say and were they right?

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Sorry for my late reply @Skatchatoon. I would’ve loved that opportunity to ask them a question but didn’t think of doing it until they were gone so I’m still in limbo. It’s a good idea. You also asked a maths question right? Which they answered wrong? So yours are def not real? Are your voices at 5% during the day constantly or do they stop completely? It must be school stressing you out. Maybe it’s the switch from inVega to vraylar why your getting faint voices too, I hope they stop for you and you can get some sleep.

Yeah I asked them a math question and they got it wrong. To be fair it was something difficult to do in your head like 79 x 56. I wouldn’t say it totally disproves they’re real but it doesn’t help their case.

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Hi @Skatchatoon, how did you sleep last night?? I think that maths question does disprove that they are real, they could’ve used a calculator (or a spirit should of course know that) I think you should keep asking them questions and eventually everything will fall apart that’s what I would do anyway.

Are your voices at 5% constantly throughout the day or do they stop?

@Amisz They are at about 5% during the day but I can’t hear them due to stuff like watching tv or talking to people. I didn’t sleep well last night. As soon as I’m in silence my brain focuses on the voices and makes them louder.


Silence triggers my voices too.
And i also had asked a question on maths and voices didn’t know the answer

@Skatchatoon are your voices ever stuck for words or are they always talking (when you can hear them of course) I notice mine are always talking about something they don’t seem to take a break

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@Amisz they are never stuck fir words they are always chattering. They never take a break they just chatter on and on. They never shut up.

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It’s ok to have funny thoughts at almost sleep. But it must have scared you and distracted you from sleep. I always take my meds at night and they help me go to sleep.

In my opinion I wouldn’t worry too much. The reason I say this, sometimes there is just days where the disease may seem like it’s getting worse, but in reality it is just one of those bad days. Now don’t think I’m saying that you shouldn’t mention this to your doctor. Just keep track of it, and if it lasts days to weeks I would advise taking a prn or to go to the hospital. Take care.

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