Cats are self conscious

I had not noticed this before, but my cat fell off the chair twice when she tried to jump on it and when she saw me that I saw it, she immediately started licking her paw :joy:

And then again today She was asleep on her belly when I went there and she immediately pretended to lick her paw as if she is ‘awake’ It is so funny.


Cats are a lot more intelligent that we are used to know. I once had a cat and I used to learn it to play a game. I would throw a cat piece of food, and then my cat would start searching for it. Then I would say “you’re cold” when my cat was far from the food. Then my cat would move in another place. Then I would say “you’re hot” when my cat was near the food. Then my cat would look everywhere around to find the food.


Yes. Thats funny.

Cat’s aren’t self conscious, they could care LESS!!! I’ve owned cat’s all of my life. I know them like the back of my hands.

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Don Juan has already shown a little self-consciousness. He tried jumping up on the chair and he fell and he was all embarrassed. Also he made a really smelly poop and he was self-conscious about it. He’s been hiding under the dresser for quite some time now I wish he’d come out and play with me!


LOL!!! That’s too funny!


My cat Puck would get his claws hooked in something and would always just try to look as casual and unconcerned about it as possible when I would come into the room. “Oh hey, just lounging here on my back with my head half shoved under the sofa. You know, like I do.” He hated to be laughed at.


Don Juan aka Mr. Stinky. :kissing_cat:

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