Cant You See cover. Guitar and singing today

Listen to Cant You See (acoustic) on #SoundCloud


Listen to Black (Acoustic) by Pearl Jam by on #SoundCloud


Very good on both. I’ve tried a bit of singing while playing and I find it breaks my concentration on playing. I’m not good enough to do it yet.

The only thing I don’t like, is you appear to be revealing your real name. This really isn’t allowed on this site. I would suggest you change your name to your user name or something else on soundcloud, if possible, if you are going to post these here.

Come to think of it, your user name appears to be a shorter version of your real name. :frowning:

Sorry. I didnt know that was a rule. Im fine with people knowing ny name. Im not hiding. But i can make a new account if i have to. I actually would like a better name. Something funny perhaps. I changed it on soundcloud.

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Great on the sound cloud. With your real name and location from your profile, its all people would really need to have a good chance of locating you. :scream:.

Yeah, just let me know if you come up with a new username. I’m happy to change it for you.

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How about my username is pasteyface

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Sounds good. I will forgo the cat pic payments since this was a change for security purposes, to come into compliance with rules, and I suggested it :stuck_out_tongue: . Imma go practice some guitar myself now. :smiley:

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Haha. Okay. Thanks. My bad.

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Wow, great job on Can’t you See. I really enjoyed that.

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Thanks nick! 151515151515


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