Song I'm working on today

Listen to Not a Man by Moon Star on #SoundCloud

Not a singer but I sing to get my ideas down. It’s not finished yet


I really like ut

I like this song a lot, has a very folk singer songwriter vibe which I love

Whats it about? Also how did you learn to sing, you hold pitch very well

I try but Im pretty awful at it lol


It’s about being invalidated for being trans and starting to buy into it. I just sing a lot on my own :slight_smile:

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I would love to check it out. SoundCloud does weird things to me though, it won’t let me listen. Is it set to public?

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I just changed it to public. I usually unfinished songs private but that’s ok!

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Sweet, I’m liking it. There’s a real Smashing Pumpkins vibe to your voice on this one , a lot of underlying emotions

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I’ve had someone else say that to me! I love it!! Smashing pumpkins is awesome

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