Can't tolerate propranolol due to hypotension

Even the lowest dose of propranolol (20mg) causes postural hypotension. I want to take it cuz It works great for my anxiety but I can’t take it due to hypotension.

Is there a way to take propranolol without having hypotension? Other meds I take r clozapine 200mg, clobazam 15mg and paroxetine cr 37.5mg


Hai bhai…!!! I dont know yaar…!!! How is psychosis. . Are u finding peace of mind on clozapine homie…!!!

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isnt a beta blocker against hypertensive crisis from the heart i ask because i take nobiten aswell

I take Metoprolol Succinate 75mg
It slows down my anxiety and rapid heartbeat.

You can ask your doctor about it.
It is a Beta Blocker similar to Propranolol.

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I take propranolol once a week, just one dose about 1-2 hours before my piano lesson to alleviate my performance anxiety. It really helps a lot. The trade name for it is Inderal.

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