Cant do anything creative on abilify

I feel so depressed and down lately. I used to be so creative. But when they put me on this I lost it all. I hate life now I’m not good at or talented at anything else. I recently brought some creative stuff hoping that I’ll get better and I can no longer do it anymore because I feel restless and end up ruining it. I’m a low functioning individual already but with this medication it makes me even lower I’m not smart or talented at anything else and this illness has taken away the one good thing that I had to enjoy life. I hate life now I hate disappointing myself all the time with the same stuff. I want to come off of it but the doc says no I have ocologyric crisis to which they prescribed me an anticolinergenic medication for. I dont want to take it because I’m also worry about the side affects.confusion forgetfulness I’m already confused and forgetful I hate it I just want to come off. No body understands not even my family. I really want to learn crochet but I dont think I can because you need memory for it and I dont have that. I’m going to die alone unloved depressed worthless.untallented what they all said about me in school was true because in the end of the day I do have nothing going for me now. I want to make something of my life but I dont think I ever will. I just want someone to understand. Is anyone else in the same situation as me? On top of it all Abilify makes me spend more money on creative just to end up disappointing myself

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This is understandable bc many of us have had issues with abilify.

It’s a strange drug, compared to others it has noticeable good points but then when it does have side effects, it’s as though those side effects become more prominent.

I would say, keep using as the dr says so, let them know the issues and see what happens as your body becomes more attuned to the use of it.

It can be so, that your brain/body will create alternative neurological circuitry for the new habits you want to pursue, in steady time of course.

All the best

I had less negative symptoms on Abilify but yeah my intelligence and creativity was still shot. Its the schizophrenia, not meds.

Schizophrenia is too complex. Positive, negative and cognitive symptoms. Each category has lots of subcategories! Thats why its called the worse mental disease and people fear it.


Thank you. I’m on abilify maintena 300ml I have been on it for a year and just waiting to see if the doc can take me off of it if I get better after two years

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Yeah I guess so the doc speculates that I have mild schizophrenia but they dont know really I got the feeling anyway


Quitting meds didn’t help my negative and cognitive symptoms. I just had positive symptoms in addition to those. Sucks.

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In fact my negative and cognitive symptoms started years before my 1st psychosis.

Don’t think that just because you have a lull in your creative powers your creativity is at an end. I am a little surprised that Abilify did this to you. The drug Haldol destroyed my ability to write, but when they put me on Geodon everything got better. I was able to write again. You might ask your pdoc about Geodon. Don’t give up hope.

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So did mine. Tbh

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Yeah my grades at school dropped a lot years before my first psychosis eventhough I was studying more.

I felt dumber, like my brain capacity and intelligence was reduced.

I was always a paranoid person in school people used to make fun of me for it but I couldnt help it really

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I was always dumb as well lol

When I was 15 voices would tell me that I am a cheater bcz I am studying. Then they called me stupid, then kept telling me to kill myself. At the end, the year I was diagnosed I thought I was Jesus and that I needed to kill myself to prove it so I tried and ended up in the emergency. That was at 20 y.o. in 2011.

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Oh wow I’m sorry to hear that that must of been tough for you to deal with at such a young age well I dont know if they were voices or I was just mistaken them for voices but mine were calling me names like whore all the time every time I went out this was when it first started

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I did all of my writing unmedicated. ADs and APs killed my creative juices. But I prefer not being psychotic and I’m starting to get sone ideas again


Oh wow how long did it take you to get your creative juices back again.

I have a memory of a voice telling me to jump off a ferry when I was like 14 , it was scary I had to get away from the side of the boat. Had a couple other weird ones when I was around 19. I forgot about them


By how much did Abilify restore your intelligence? 30-40% for me. Funny that on Abilify I had less negative symptoms than without meds. It increases dopamine, dopamine agonist. Many ppl here get anxiety from it, I didn’t.