Can you study without caffeine?

I need caffeine to get focused and motivated. I drink too much. I had this problem even before I developed SZ. Am I just an unmotivated person? Is it just depression? It’s like I don’t have the brain power without coffee, soda, or engergy drinks.

“Can you study without caffeine?”

I don’t drink coffee. i do eat chocolate cereal sometimes, which acts somewhat like a stimulant? (i learned this the hard way.) but i can read for a good 30 minutes without caffeine. also I can’t read at all, if I hadn’t eaten in a while.

Nootropics (supplements that some people believe can increase memorization and focus) may be of benefit. L-theanine is a supplement that you may want to try.

It may not necessarily be depression I use caffeine as a stimulant because I have trouble concentrating which could be the issue.

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I heard nicotine is a nootropic. Lately I’ve been pondering the benefits of nicotine…if there were only a foolproof 100% safe way to administer it, it could be beneficial rather than completely detrimental. I’m hoping the e-cig is safe. I think it is much better than cigarettes, because I attribute quitting smoking a year ago to one of the reasons why my life has improved greatly in that span. Still vaping away at 3 mg nicotine. I’ve been pondering if it has benefits for me since it doesn’t seem too bad. I really love nicotine a lot it’s my vice of choice by far.

I usually need caffeine to function too though :expressionless:

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i wonder if coffee tastes like hot chocolate.

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Nicotine may well be a nootropic. I also vape 3 mg nicotine. I have two cups of coffee in the morning, but if I have more caffeine than that I get nervous.



I recently vape way to much on 6mg and got ‘nic sick’. I thought I was having a relapse till I figured the nicotine was the culprit. Have gone back to above ohm.

I couldn’t study without caffeine. I’ve drank ten cups of coffee a day for forty years. I need caffeine just to function.


Wow! I would probably get a panic attack if I had that much caffeine. At least it’s affordable.

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It’s the study habits. If you space out the study of the same material over the course of a few days, then you will retain it longer. Also, testing yourself on knowledge helps a bit. Like trying to remember the information will help bring it to the front of your mind. And contrary to popular belief, some light music can help. Also, you can change your study environment.

All these things will help you with your tests.

I drink 100% decaffeinated coffee all the time except when I have a migraine headache. Then, I drink caffeinated coffee. It gets rid of migraines. One or two cups is usually all it takes.

caffeine and eye drops are my best friend whilst studying.

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Add salted butter to your coffee. Thank me later


I’ve developed a huge tolerance for caffeine. I finally decided it would be simpler and easier and cheaper just to take caffeine pills. I take two 200 mg pills a day.

I tried pro plus as a student and I used to fall asleep on the stuff, I must have had a high tolerance too!

I drink like six cups of coffee every day. I need it to function in every way. I literally have no endogenous energy.

Can I function (literally) without caffeine? No.
Do I want to try? Not unless I want to lay in bed with the worst headache…fix for that is take two bites of chocolate, and wash it down with a cup of coffee. Better than aspirin.

I’ve taken two 200 mg pills and gone straight to sleep before.