Can you sing karaoke - poll

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I can’t sing at all, but in my younger years I wasn’t above getting drunk and making a fool out of my self with off key singing and bad timing.

Was fun. No more now a days though.

I could see myself doing this one, but only after a few scorpion bowls. Unfortunately my scorpion bowl days are long past. Probably better for those who might be around to hear it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I totally like the idea of karaoke if i was with friends and I was drunk.

But I do not drink anymore sad times, but it is all worth it

I own a Chinese karaoke machine that has over 40,000 Chinese songs. Even the latest songs get updated on the machine through servers in the Internet cloud. I don’t sing well but I enjoy singing along to the lyrics.

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That is the great number of songs. Do you sing with your friends?

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I sing with my family members.

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