Can you replace antipsychotics with Lions Mane Amolyban 3399?

Has anyone successfully done this?

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No you cannot. 1515


I don’t think its wise to get your hopes up to use it as a replacement. I believe @velociraptor uses it in CONJUNCTION with meds. But has said had been able to be on reduced dose of meds because of it.

I also think I have read @ZombieMombie make references to using it before. No idea if she still does.

I have zero experience with it myself, and can’t recall if anyone else does.

Edit: Please always consult pdoc before going off or reducing meds.

I am also not sure they used Ambolyban 3399. I just remember Lions Mane in general, so IDK. Just going off memory here. Pretty sure Velociraptors was.

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I use Amyloban 3399. It helps reduce the amount of AP that I need. I tried going off it under doctor’s supervision. Didn’t work. My pdoc does recommend it to other SZs, works for just less than half. Not one of them has been able to come off APs, but some of them have been able to cut back.

The generic lion’s mane does not work for me at all - only the expensive stuff unfortunately.


If youre going to use herbd i woukd see a practitioner as they are complicated to use and i feel like less reliable information is availavle about them compared with meds. Also hard to determine dose, herb combos etc.

Studies are being done on Amyloban and are tilting towards being favourable:

There is a thread on it here:

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Yes i 100% agree herb can help significantly. I just mean in terms of getting a herbal prescription right its very confusing esp if youre taking other meds. Just advising to see a herbal practitioner who can prepare and prescribe a solid treatment plan. Thanks for the info! Ive heard good things about lions mane.

I ran the research past my pdoc first and was given the okay to try it. The improvement was significant enough that she recommended it to other patients. You’ll never get me to see a herbal practitioner, however.

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Yes, i have used Lion’s Mane with good results. It helped lower my decades long anxiety to almost 0.

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I do not support the use of supplements.

We don’t have a monetised healthcare system here in England, yet I have never been recommended anything like this before

Here are some articles on Lion’s Mane:

The TLDR of it is that the mushroom has a lot of beneficial properties. It shows promise in treating Alzheimer disease,Parkinson’s, depression and anxiety.

It is not a replacent for APs but in some people can help with certain symptoms when used with a med regimen.