Can you live with your parents?!

Do you live alone or with your parents?


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I live with my father and it helps alot.


with your own family I guess or roommate?

It is just crazy =))

I am not sure how I can live with my parents in that forsaken apartment. I will stay with my sister for a while.

I lived at home until I got married at 24. Then, after being abused and having a baby and filing for divorce, I moved back in with them. I lived with them for eighteen years to raise my son. (The only time I’ve lived alone was for about 8 months when I separated from my ex)
It’s tough to be an adult living at home, but I desperately needed help and I’m forever grateful to them for giving me sanctuary.


I know and I am grateful too - but they are too difficult to live with. I need to clean/cook/organize/ listen to loud music /

It is just complicated.

I think the best thing to do is stay with my sister for like 2 months and look for a studio meanwhile.
I need to calculate the living cost to find a proper full time job =) and buy a car . . maybe I can drive my brother’s car for a while.

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I live with my father, I don’t think I’d be alive very long if I was living alone, simply because I’d never get round to doing things such as eating, cleaning, buying food, paying bills etc; I’m just not capable of doing it, which is ridiculous but it is what it is.

That’s before anything else such as self harm, drug use, and straight up reckless behaviour that would most likely occur if I was left to my own devices.


Those are good goals! I fought with my mom too much and now I feel bad, but I absolutely was incapable of raising my son alone. She and I both sacrificed.

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> Can you live with your parents

■■■■ no! I live alone.

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I lived with my dad for two years once as an adult, from the time I came home from med school (age 23) a few months after my first psychotic break, until I went off to grad school (age 25). I had my second psychotic break during that time, just a few months after moving in with him. It wasn’t easy to do, even at that young age, but it was necessary. I lived with him for a month (Dec. 2008, age 29) after my marriage ended, lived on his couch as he had moved to a small 1 bedroom apt by that time, but I was able to get a job right away and get an apt. Oddly enough, the apt I got was the same crappy apt my dad had when I lived with him those two years. I’ve been on my own ever since. Living with parents is no longer an option for me, they’re both deceased now.

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sorry for your loss =(
I am almost 30 and kinda awkward I guess - if I were a guy made easier - I would sleep on the couch or something.
I think I will just stay with my sister for a month or two until I figure out what to do =)

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I live with my apartmentmates at school but when I go home for breaks and when I graduate I’ll be with my parents…I’m moving back to where I used to live soon and my old friends there want me to get an apartment with them. I’d love to but since I’ll still be in school my parents would have to pay for it and I may not be able to convince them to do that, despite the fact that living at home can and has been a drain on my mental health.


I would rather live out of my car than live with them.

Jealousy of me…

I feel da vibe but what zz new yeah

But I was living alone for years and now I’m moving in with my boyfriend.

Ofcourse they are not my real parents so …

But still no

No way

I don’t want anything to do with the man but am polite or something cour times a year unfortunately.

I currently live my mom for about 5 years. She moved in when I was drug addict and sza and bipolar. I was always trying to kill myself. She was afraid that she would find me dead. So she moved in with me and she took care of me. Now I take care of her. She is 75.


I am living with my mother to care her. She is 66 year old. But I don’t like her advice, She helps me a lot more than a mother can do in our environment.

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Parents. Helps a lot.

Would love to live with my parents but they won’t have me. Fair enough - I would be a nightmare to live with.

I live with both my elderly parents.
I help take care of my mother.
She has dementia and has mobility issues.