Can you have mixed states with schizoaffective disorder?

One very up and down, going from incredible irritable to feeling excited and happy. Is this a mixed state? I have been Dx with mixed states before with a current SZA Dx. Could I still be having them?

Some people have borderline personality disorder with their sza, and can change emotionally very quickly.

I have had the Dx BPD before my psychotic symptoms come to light and that was was taken of my record.

Yes you can have mixed states and be diagnosed with SZA.
It’s way more common with bipolar disorder but does occur with Schizoaffective disorder too.

I have always suffered with mixed states and I am diagnosed with SZA.
Depakote helps even things out.

I think the icd has a mixed state option don’t know if the dsm5 includes it under bipolar type.

I have been diagnosed with SzA - depressive type. Once when my pdoc saw me she said I was in a mixed state.

Did you know there’s been debate over whether BPD actually exists or if it’s a result of trauma? There was a research study done where they brought in people with it and after a lot of interviewing and therapy it was revealed that like 90% of them had been abused/experienced some other sort of trauma. And intense/unpredictable and out of control emotional responses have also been connected to ptsd. The issues w social relationships that people w BPD have is also connected to ptsd. Really interesting!!

Also to answer the question I have sza and experience that sort of thing but tbh I think it’s my ptsd because I did not have chaotic emotions until after my trauma.

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I can maintain good friendships. I don’t idelise people then switch to not liking them.

Probably. I was a hypochondriac a couple years ago and I lacked insight into my illness. I was drinking Monster energy drinks a lot and I think they made me very sick.

Years before I got sick, I think I experienced hypomania. It was cool.

I’m told that I’m manic. I don’t see it.