Can you delete my account?

I think I’ve gotten what I needed from this site, and am extremely grateful for all the members who have helped me in my journey. Again, I am grateful that this site exists to help others in their journeys with this damaging illness.

The reason for my leaving is because I do not want like a certain leaning this site has had as of recent. I won’t say what it is because I do not want to cause anymore controversy, of which I have been guilty of many times in the past.

Overall, this is a good site, but I feel it is time to call it good for now. Thank you guys once again for being supportive.

So can you please delete my account, @moderators.


We have a 2 week waiting period. Please respond this thread in two weeks if you still want to anon. Btw, @moderators doesn’t work. Don’t know why it is listed in members to tag with the @ symbol, but it doesn’t notify us. I just happened to see your thread.

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