Can we post our youtube site on this forum?

I might have some form of autism judging from my past videos, idk, but you can see the recovery God did in me looking at videos from a year ago until today. I’m not off meds, but im definitely more well than I was.

EDIT: Link removed by Moderator

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Sure, feel free to post your youtube channel. It’s not soliciting!

Edit: I didn’t click the page. oops.

Link redirected me to a sketchy site

@freefee. I removed the link you posted because it went to a sketchy site. I’m guessing you may have posted the wrong link. Feel free to re-post the corrected link to your youtube videos.

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@freefee. It’s fine to post YouTube videos as long as they adhere to forum guidelines. I had to delete your post and video because of the religious content. I hope you understand.


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