Can we post our blog on this site?

I’m thinking of starting a schizophrenia blog about recovery. It won’t have much religious content, just going to say that religion can possibly de-stress you, but it also might cause you stress, so I don’t advocate it necessarily.

My intent is to re-frame schizophrenia from what people believe is a spiritual illness, to a biological one, with definite cause and effect. Also want to document my recovery process and talk about methods of reducing neuroinflammation and SZ symptoms to comfortable levels.

I might have affiliate links on it though! Wondering if that’s permitted.

@moderators, would like your opinion.


Bumpity bump bump!

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I’d like to know this too. I sometimes blog about schizophrenia and anxiety, not always in English, but I’d love to be able to post the relevant English posts here

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